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The Mane Event

Mane Event 12-19-14

Intro: Swag Santa, Boys Basketball, B.E.A.T. Club, Multimedia Class, History with Bob, Closing: What do you want?

Mane Event 12-16-14

Intro: Do You Want to Build the Mane Event?, Holiday Gifts, Boys JV Soccer, Depression PSA, Closing: Elf Proctors

Mane Event 12-12-14

Intro: Raider of the Mane Event, Dance Class, Mascots, Meet Mr. Willis, Closing: Holiday GIFs.

Mane Event 12-9-14

Intro: That 70's Event, Silk Screening, Yoga, Meet Ms. Halt, Closing: Rapping Proctors

Mane event 12-5-14

Intro: Baby, It's Cold Outside, Strength and Exercise, Meet Trainer Micah, AVID, Closing: Teachers' Funny Faces.

Mane Event 12-2-14

Intro: Creepy Alex, Meet Mr. MacDonald, Career Fair, Baseball Angels, Closing: Teachers Dancing with Stanley.

Mane Event 11-21-14

Intro: Mane Event is the New Black, Meet Sra. Gonzalez, What Are You Thankful For?, Ms. Kim, Closing: Streamers.

Mane Event 11-20-14

Intro: The Mane Event is..., Meet Mr Neusteadter, Recylcling PSA, Dance Fusion Promo, Closing: Chicken Dancing Competition

Mane Event 11-14-14

Intro: About 5 Minutes Ago, Crucible Review, Eat Healthy PSA, Girls Volleyball, Closing: Campus Candids

Mane Event 11-13-14

Intro: The OFFICE, Boys JV Water Polo, Classroom Etiquette, Girls Golf, Closing: Football Stills

Mane Event 11-7-14 (Sports)

Intro: Bowling Freak-out, JV Football, Cross Country, Crucible Promo, Closing: Dancing Solo

Mane Event 11-4-14

Intro: AdventureTime, Varsity Football, Meet Mr. Ahmer, Co-Exist Club, Halloween Costume Contest, Closing: Funny Faces

Mane Event 10-31-14

Intro: Halloween Teachers, What's Your Biggest Fear, Verbal Vines, Halloween Do's and Dont's, Closing: Halloween Scares

Mane Event 10-28-14

Intro: This is Halloween, What is the Mane Event?, Club Rush, Commercial Music, Closing: What is Your Favorite Candy?

P2 Music Edition Mane Event

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P1 Music Edition Mane event

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