The Mane Event

Mane Event 6-9-15

Mane Event 6-5-15

Intro: Seniors Together, College Acceptances, Senior Wills,Senior Goodbyes,Closing: Mr. Ressler Says Goodbye

Mane Event 6-2-15

Intro: Disney Magic, Senior Crushes, Senior Tips, Senior Memories. Closing: Senior Goodbye

Mane Event 5-29-15

Intro: Favorite Thing about Mane Event, Girls Golf, Choreographer's Ball Recap, Eye Candy Promo, Closing: Disneyland

Mane Event 5-22-15

Intro: Slo-mo, Choreographer's Ball, Apexx Productions, Mrs. Calder, Bubble Soccer, Closing: Pet Peeves

Mane Event 5-19-15

Intro: Hairspray, Philosophy Club, Gender Stereotypes, Grad Night Promo, Closing: Proctors' Memories

Mane Event 5-1-15

Intro: Trick Shot, Alternate Careers, Digital Photo, AP Prep, Fiesta Dance, Closing: Military Slang

Mane Event 4-28-15

Intro: Disney, Mr. Sotelo, Final Stretch, Suicide Prevention PSA, Teachers Dance "The Whip"

Mane Event 4-24-2015

Intro: Concert, Angel Stadium, Adopt a Proctor, Ms. Gideon, Closing: Fancy vs. Regular Ketchup

Teacher Episode #2 4-22-15

Teacher Episode 4-21-15

Hosted by Ms. Henry, Mr. Garner, Ms. Klingbeil. Intro: Mane Budapest Hotel, Connor Meech, Ms. Johannes, Track - Distance, Closing: Earth Day.

Mane Event 4-17-2015

Intro: Dancing Teachers, Anatomy, Dance or Die, AP Psych, Closing: Zapshots

Mane Event 4-14-15

Intro: Friends, Texting and Driving PSA, The Express Newspaper, Driving Etiquette, Closing: Swallows Parade

Mane Event 4-1-15

Intro: Foolish Tour, Magic Club, Lying to Kids, JV Volleyball, Closing: Zapshots

Mane Event 3-31-15

Intro: Breaking Bad Event, Throwers, Super Smash, Spring Break Plans, Closing: Pep Rally Review

Mane Event - Clash of the Classes

Intro: Clash of the Classes, Varsity Baseball, Clash Predictions, Yearbook Class, Closing:Zapshots

Mane Event 3-24-15

Intro: SNL, JV Lacross, Hurdlers, TV Broadcast Journalism, Closing:Still or Videos

Mane Event 3-20-15

Mane Event 3-19-15

Mane Event 3-18-15

Intro: Spiers Dispels Irish Myths, Environmental Club, History of St. Patrick, Orchestra, Closing: My Lucky Charms

Mane Event 3-13-15

Intro: Stanley's Groove, Mr. Trumble, Overcoming Hurdles PSA by Kat Fernandez, Boys Tennis, Closing: Celeb Impressions

Mane Event 3-10-15

Intro: Wanted - Dead or Alive, Mr. Herbold, Announcement Girls, Video Production Class, Closing: Stills

Mane Event 3-6-15

Intro: Michael Bay, Drumline, Mr. Garner, Senior Showcase, Closing: Funny Faces

Mane Event 3-3-15

Intro: State Farm, Ceramics, Link Crew, Strength Coach Parks, Closing: Period 2 is Best

Mane Event 2-27 Back to the Future

Intro: Back to the Future, Clean Campus PSA, Predictions 2015, "Chop House" Student Business, Closing: BTTF

Mane Event 2-24

Intro: Newsroom, Debate Club, Masterpiece Dance Review, Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Wegner, Harlem Renaissance #4, Closing: Angry Compliments.

Mane Event 2-18

Intro: Smashing!, Multi-cultural Fair, Bullying PSA, How to Walk Up Stairs, Closing:Candids

Mane Event 2-17

Intro: Proctor Cart Chase, Big Brother Big Sister, Ellie Holt, Anime Club, Closing

Mane Event 2-12

Intro: Valentines Day , Ms. Mele, Worse Valentines Day,  Mr. C., Closing: Speech Jammer


Mane Event 2-11

Intro:All You Need is Love, What is Love?, Billie Holiday, The Female Hunter, Closing: Bae Gifts

Mane Event 2-6

Intro: Social Network Trailer, Girls' Soccer, Labeling PSA, Claude McKay, Closing: Explosions!

Mane Event 2-3

Intro: Fight for the Mane Event, Urinetown, Surf Team, Winter Sports, Closing: Animal Noises

Mane Event 1-23-2015

Intro: 7-11, Advanced Dance, Study for Finals, SJC Fire Tragedy, Closing: Egg Roulette

Mane Event 1-20-2015

Intro: You Can Tell Everybody, Stagecraft, Studying for Finals, Urinetown, Closing: Arnold Imitations