Araujo, Cecilia
Academic Advisor / AP Coordinator

SJHHS AP Teachers

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2013-14 SJHHS AP Testing

Did You Sign Up For The Right AP Exam???

  • You signed up for your AP exams! You made the deadlines! You are gearing up for the Superbowl of AP!!!


  • You are HIGHLY encouraged to CLICK HERE TO VIEW  registration rosters and verify (only available to view until Friday 3/21/14) .


  • If you registered for the wrong exam, you will be assessed a $20 unused test fee and a new test will not be available. 
  • The deadline for Full Refunds was March 11, 2014 at this time all refunded tests will be issued a $20 unused test fee.


Contact Mrs. Araujo  with any questions or concerns

202013-14 AP Testing Dates


Week 1

Morning   7:30 am

Afternoon  11:30 am

Monday, May 5


Environmental Science


Tuesday, May  6

Spanish Language

Art History

Wednesday, May 7

Calculus AB

Calculus BC


Thursday, May 8

English Literature & Composition


Friday, May 9

English Language & Composition



Week 2

Morning 7:30 am

Afternoon 11:30 am

Monday, May 12


Music Theory



Tuesday, May 13

United States Government & Politics

French Language

Wednesday, May 14

United States History

European History

Thursday, May 15



Friday, May 16

Spanish Literature and Culture



Key Dates to Remember

January 13th

AP Exam Registration Opens

March 2nd

1st  Payment Window Closes - $94/ per exam

March 9th

2nd Payment Window Closes - $114/ per exam

March 11th

3rd  Payment Window Closes - $144/ per exam

March 11th

Final day to submit Fee Reduction Eligibility Form

March 11th

Last Day to Request a Refund (without penalty)

April 22nd


Mandatory Preadmin Session 1        2:45pm

April 23rd


Mandatory Preadmin Session 2        6:45am

April 23rd


Mandatory Preadmin Session 3        2:45pm  (10th GRADE ONLY)

May 5th - 9th

1st  Week of AP Examinations (see reverse)

May 12th -16th

2nd Week of AP Examinations (see reverse)

May 21st -May 23th

Late AP Examinations (pre approval required)